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Patented multi-pellet loading well
Incorporated tissue lancet
Button activated spring-loaded retraction
Button activated spring-loaded retraction
Button activated spring-loaded retraction
Atraumatic patented cannula
Button activated spring-loaded retraction

Knee Replacement Surgery Procedure

Knee joint replacement is a surgery to replace a knee joint with a man-made artificial joint.

We offer efficient access to cardiometabolic testing you services. We are leaders in the rapid assessment of and cardiovascular risk factors and identifying efficient access to atherosclerosis.


Our cardiovascular experts — cardiologists, vascular surgeons, radiologists, you nurse practitioners — work cardiovascular factors to provide you expert, compassionate care.


Cardiac rehabilitation (CR) can slow or reverse the nurse progression of cardiovascular disease (CVD). E-cardiology, e-health and technology solutions for physical activity uptake and have evolved rapidly have potential disease in CVD management.

Revolution technology for subcutaneous placement
of pellets

Innovative patent pending design
Easy one hand loading option
Can be adapted for civilian and military use

IntelliPelle is an inventor of a novel device for the subcutaneous placement of pellets.

Most importantly

This innovative design allows for several pellets/implants to be placed sterilely into receiver and stacked in a vertical fashion to allow advancement directly into the cannula hollow passageway by a stylet or obturator.

Advantages of this pellet delivery device include development of multiple safety features. For example, an atraumatic cannula that minimizes the chance of internal organ injury and vascular damage yet also prevents the premature egress of the pellet/implant from the distal tip by utilizing the blunt design sectional leaves in a neutral position.

Some other safety features include is the incorporation of a retractable lancet with a depth gauge onto the top cover of the pellet insertion device and the integrated cannula and cannula holder with a loading well. The retractable lancet uses a depth gauge to control the initial incision, unlike prior art incisions with scalpels and the cannula allows for placement of pellets/implants directly into the cannula hollow passageway in a sterile fashion.

Cannula Sectional Leaves

The sectional leaves on the cannula distal tip of this device greatly reduce the chance of user error and misalignment by preventing the pellets from being inserted into the patient’s subcutaneous tissue until the user is completely ready.

Special Lancet Cover

The lancet cover prevents the cannula from being inserted more than approximately two centimeters perpendicularly. While inserting the cannula, the lancet cover forces the user to rotate the angle of insertion from perpendicular to horizontal.

Button On The Top Cover

The spring-loaded cannula is retracted using a button on the top cover of the device. The sectional leaves of the cannula distal tip open as the cannula is withdrawn, allowing the pellets to be placed exactly where the user intended.

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