Revolutionary Pellet Delivery Device (PDD)
Innovative features to simplify pellet placement
Patent-pending design
Safety features not present on other devices
Improved safety
Civilian and military use
Greater utility

Intellipelle™ PDD is a product of a two-year collaboration between a physician and a product engineer to create a smarter pellet delivery device.

Most important

This innovative design allows for pellets to be placed directly into the loading well from a loading strip without additional handling and under sterile conditions.

An important advantage of this pellet delivery device include development of multiple safety features. For example, an atraumatic cannula that minimizes the chance of internal organ injury and vascular damage yet also prevents the premature egress of the pellet/implant from the distal tip.

Additional innovative safety features not included elsewhere are as follows: an incorporated, retractable lancet attached to the body of the PDD which acts as a tissue depth guide at the time of an insertion, and integrated pellet loading well as well as a “tulip tip” blunted cannula for atraumatic pellet placement.

Cannula Sectional Leaves

The sectional leaves of the cannula’s distal tip will keep pellets in place during loading, compress from the external pressure at the time of insertion and gently open during cannula retraction allowing for precise pellet placement.

Special Lancet Cover

The lancet cover prevents the cannula from being inserted more than approximately two centimeters perpendicularly. While inserting the cannula, the lancet cover “forces” the user to rotate the angle of insertion from perpendicular to horizontal.

Spring-loaded Retraction

Spring-loaded cannula retraction is activated by pressing a release button located on top of the PDD. The spring will return the cannula/loading well unit back into its original position and will unlock the stylet for additional pellet placement.

Innovative Features

Incorporated skin lancet

Atraumatic tulip tip cannula

Innovative Features

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